Books I’ve read this month – 2 month bumper special (August & September)

I spent the end of August in Scotland & Yorkshire, and the beginning of September in Sweden (all great times), so this months round up is a two month combined situation. A usual, spoiler warnings are in the headings. Reward at the end for reading is my gif reaction to the start of spooky season...

The three most wasted foods

I read an article the other day that cited the three most wasted foodstuffs as milk, bread and potatoes. Like all good millennials I immediately recognised this as similar to my experience, took it as a reproducible stat at face value and haven't found the original source... Okay, having googled it quickly, it looks like this River Cottage article agrees with me, but many other cite WRAP which has slightly different ranking, and I think the figures change year to year/country to country. Regardless of the global rankings, it got me thinking once again about food waste, and what my part is in it all, and thinking back through my recent binnings, milk, bread and potatoes all rank highly, along with fruit and vegetables, so here's my "notes to self" regarding my food waste.

I grew my own tomatoes, and made classic bruschetta.

I moved into a flat with a garden in September, and ever since I've been growing all sorts of flowers and things in tubs on the deck. For my birthday I bought a small greenhouse and seed trays and turned my hand to growing food. The radishes were really bitter and then went to seed (too hot and dry?), my one chilli plant (from 12 seed attempts!) has the tiniest chilli...on the section that snapped in the breeze, and my spring onions were drowned out in the noise of everything else!

Saturday Night at the Movies – What I’ve Seen on the Big Screen

In October(?) last year I was feeling a bit sad and lonely, so I did what any girl in London would, I bought a gym pass and a cinema pass. I also started a group chat for local girls to meet and go to the cinema because I'm wholesome af and it's become a really lovely and chilled group chat. Looking back on the app I can only see back to the beginning of this year, but here's what I've seen recently, and a bit about what I thought. Light spoilers for those who like to know as little as possible before going in, but no big plot twist reveals, only what I'd say to a friend who was on the fence about watching.